DURATION: 2 Weeks (Monday to Friday 5pm - 7pm)

START DATE: Monday, July 27th 

END DATE: Friday, August 7th

AGES: 8 and up

REQUIREMENT: Garage Band and iMovie Computer Programs


Video Star is a two week long ONLINE Summer Camp in which you will learn how to write a song, recorded it using Garage Band and make a music video with footage you will film at home and edit it on iMovie. At the end of the program you will have both an original song AND music video in which you will be the protagonist. To watch the latest videos we've made click HERE

Video Star Online Summer Camp M-F 5pm-7pm 7/27 - 8/7 (With Paulie Z)

  • Camp must be paid in full before the session begins. There are no reimbursements or make up sessions for lessons missed by the student.