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May, 25th 2020

Bebu Music travels from LA to
 The Harbour School Hong Kong  



Since 2013, Bebu Music has been traveling to Hong Kong to guest at The Harbour School's yearly Arts Interim.

Every year, we've written an original music video with children of different ages and filmed an original music video with them and their teacher as protagonists... all in one week.

This year due to COVID-19 the task was extra challenging and our classes had to be switched to online, working with the children remotely through online meetings and filming and submitted footage from home. 

We are extremely proud to show you the final products!

Teachers Paulie Z and Tony Cortes made a song and music video inspired by the schools community project called "Project Hope" which helps different aspects of the community and the environment (ages 9 to 14), while teacher Lucia Marco focused on the little ones "New Normal" (ages 5 to 9), describing how our life has changed the past months due to COVID-19.

Here are the final music videos:

"Project Hope" Music Video
Music Videos HK
"The New Normal" Music Video

April, 10th 2020

Bebu Music On The News  



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