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THURSDAYS 4pm via Zoom Taught by Lucia Marco. For 3rd to 5th Grades. (8 - 45 min Sessions - $160 from Thursday, March 17th until Thursday, May 26th)



Note: We observe all the same school holidays and go by the school calendar. No class on 3/24, 3/31 and 4/14


About our music classes:


Piano Class is a fun 8 to 16-week class designed specifically to introduce 3rd to 5th Grade students to the piano. Students will develop the foundations of piano playing, including correct hand position and posture; will learn to read notes, rhythms, intervals and other music notation; and will learn to play popular, traditional, and classical songs. Keyboards or piano is requiered for this online piano. A free piano book will be included. 

ONLINE Piano After School: OCS 3rd to 5th Grades- THURSDAYS 4pm (8 Classes)

  • Lessons must be paid in full before the session begins. There are no reimbursements or make up sessions for lessons missed by the student. Please refer to the school's calendar for observed holidays for our after school programs. 

    NEW! DISCOUNT CODES AVAILABLE FOR SIBLINGS AND SECOND PROGRAM ENROLLED: Siblings get a 10% OFF with code Sibling10off and if a child is enrolled in more than one program (Ex. Piano and Guitar), the second class also has a 10% OFF with code 2ndclassoff Must enroll in first class and first child to use discount code on second purchase.

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