Level Assestement is needed for this class.

Students: Please talk to Robbie at school to arrange a time to play something for him and discuss previous piano playing experience or submit a video playing a song to lucia@bebumusic.com

In addition, there will be a Level Assestement Meet Up on Wednesday, November 3rd at 3:15 PM so all interested students can get assesed on their level. 


WEDNESDAYS 3:15pm In-Person Taught by Robbie Gennet. For 3rd to 5th Grades. (12 - 45 min Sessions - $240 from Wednesday, November 17th until Wednesday, February 16th)


Note: We observe all the same school holidays and go by the school calendar.


About our music classes:


Class will have no more than 6 students and will take place in the room by the MPR.


During class, we will work on:


- Techniques for practice and performance

- Understanding chords and chord movements

- Ideas for improvising and writing songs

- Various styles and rhythms on piano

- Tricks, licks and riffs for blues, rock, funk and jazz


Students will also have required listening between classes. We will have discussions on what we listened to and play pieces of the music as well. Some of the songs we will learn to play while discussing how to learn songs by ear, others we will learn from chord charts.


Reading sheet music is not necessary for this course but we will discuss its role in music and how it can be used to fit our needs.


In-Person Piano After School: OCS 3rd to 5th Gr. WEDNESDAYS 3:15pm (12 Cl

  • Lessons must be paid in full before the session begins. There are no reimbursements or make up sessions for lessons missed by the student. Please refer to the school's calendar for observed holidays for our after school programs.

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