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Enrichment Program

The Rock & Rulers enrichment program presents a unique opportunity for students to collaborate with a professional musician to write an original song and create a music video based on an age appropriate learning topic. The teaching musician and the children will choose the topic and then create lyrics and melody for a song which will be professionally recorded. They will then film a music video based on storyboard ideas that the kids come up with. The whole process is extremely hands on as the students help create the final product from the ground up by collaborating with the teaching musician every step of the way.   


(Ages: 4 to 10 years)

Music Program

Rug Bug is an environmentally-minded music program designed for babies and toddlers. Our classes include original compositions and all-time faves selected to inform and entertain everyone. With help from our signature Ballibrary (a carefully compiled assortment of spheres) and inspiring instruments recycled from common household objects, students will be bolstering size, shape and tactile discrimination, gross motor skills, rhythym and reflex abilities, and auditory development while simultaneously having a swinging good time.


(Ages: Newborn- 5 years)

Rug Bug Music Sample:

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